10ft Pizza Kitchen

Build Duration

3 week build




The Dough Shack



Fully functioning pizza kitchen with expanding prep area over hitch. 
To design and build and small foot print towable container pizza kitchen with output capacity to match its bigger brother 15 and 20ft versions. The unit had to match high turnover production whilst being easy to manoeuvre and store away, being moved everyday by hand.
The Build
We started with one of our regular Amobox 10ft towable containers. With a floor space of just under 3x2.3m, there wasn’t enough room to fit a good size pizza oven required to match the output required. The hitch and draw bars on most catering trailers are always wasted space. The clear way forward was to engineer an expandable pod over this wasted yet valuable area. The super strong construction of the base unit meant we already had the strength to cantilever the new work space using the structural integrity of the container doors. With a fold up roof and fold down floor, the space was complete. All the internal work space and make areas neatly pack away within the unit. The perfect wood fired oven along with the bespoke internal design allowed for the perfect symmetry of size and performance for this novel mobile kitchen.  

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