Monsta Pizza

Build Duration

4 week build


Mobile Wood Fired Oven


Monsta Pizza


Towable trailer

A ‘Monsta’ fully towable wood fired oven. Serving up terrifying delicious pizza to all those that dare. Designed, engineered and built by Amobox 
To build a fully functioning mobile wood fired oven able to tour the country with a capacity to serve small popup events to larger parties and festival. The challenging part was how to enclose the power of the 500C oven with in the belly of the family friendly brands key character the MONSTA.  
The Build
From the ground up this project was a challenge. We started with a bespoke trailer chassis with the oven safely mounted. High tech insulation was used to protect the next phase of the build from the oven powerful heat source. From there the body of the MONSTA grew from a mix of fibre glass, metal and plastic construction. The horns and facial features sculpted from high spec filler and skin texture formed by hand. The body of the trailer clad to mimic that of a wild animal crate having burst open with the escaping MONSTA.

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