Cluck (Farmyard Street Food)

Build Duration

2 week build


Street food fired chicken offer


Cluck (Tommy and Hannah)


Lo loader Van

"For 18 months, we’ve been touring the streets of London with our beloved Oink truck, bringing next level Butties and Burgers to the masses. 

After months of our porky adventure, we soon realised that our bacon butties and pork burgers were one-of-a-kind when it came to street food. So that got us thinking, why should we just limit our journey to our renowned piggy treats? 

We then decided to expand our offering to create the Farmyard Street Food series and first on the list was the iconic world of fried chicken. 

With two years of street food savviness under our belts, all that was left to do was perfect our own delicious take on buttermilk fried chicken, and bam…the Cluck Truck was born. 

Taking inspiration from cuisines throughout the world and perfecting the flavours with our friends and family, we’ve created a menu using quality homemade sauces to either top onto our succulent chicken strips or pile onto our fried chicken burgers. 

So, join our clucking adventure and have some great food along the way!

Hannah and Tommy
The Build
Starting with the perfect low loader luton van. A super light weight sub structure and internal frame work was built in fully weld aluminium where ever possible. Faux tile wall to help reduce weight and upgraded extract system to remove waste fume and excess heat. With an extras large hatch for maximum visibility. Matching wall finishes to the Oink street food truck and awesome roof top illuminated logo , Cluck van was born. 

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