Fiat 500

Build Duration

2 week build


Mobile Wood Fired Oven




Fiat 500

Literally the hottest Classic Fiat 500 around. Serving pizza and gelato. This pop-up pizzeria is perfect for birthdays, festivals, college / university balls, family gatherings, team building days, product launches… the list goes on!
To build a fully functioning mobile wood fired and ice cream freezer within the limited space of a classic fiat 500.
The Build
Probably our most complex and challenging vehicle conversion.  The challenging part was how to enclose the power of the 500C wood fired oven with in the reconditioned body of the vehicle, whilst maintaining the ability retain functioning 12v led lights in all if the cars light fittings.  Design taking approx. 2 weeks whilst the main build around 6 weeks. The car is mounted to a purpose built trailer to raise the oven and car to a more viewable and useable level. The trailer then hidden by fold down sides to form a stage with faux grass for the car.  The car its self was completely stripped out, bespoke built internal frame supported the oven and ice cream freezer. The oven then built internally without cutting the roof off. Finally the lighting rewired to a leisure battery and then vinyl wrapped om the exterior like new.

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