Double Decker Bus

Build Duration

8 week build


Mobile Bar and Restaurant




12m Double Decker Bus

One the world’s largest built buses. At over 12m in length is truly a goliath in the street food conversion world. The bus was originally manufactured in Britain, disassembled shipped to Hong Kong where it was rebuilt and operated as a tour bus.  A number of years later it made its way back the UK shores where Amobox had the pleasure of converting it into an amazing champagne and pizza lounge.  
The task was to build a fully functioning movable restaurant catering for a pizza, bar area, indoor seating area and an upstairs champagne lounge, whist subtly incorporating within the design the multi-cultural Neapolitan and Columbian culture of the clients heritage.
The Build
Once the rip out of the original bus furnishings and miles upon miles of redundant wiring were done, we could start on the actual conversion. With a 7 m open deck above the main kitchen area one of the earliest challenges was to ensure the its water tightness. Decades of wear had slowly eroded the weather seals and water gutters.  New benches seating and upholstery where built in and outside on the upper deck. Creating the outside champagne lounge area and a covered dining area with a glazed entrance. The roof lining of the indoor seating area vinyl wrapped with images of Colombia culture. The lower deck front section reconfigured to small warm wine and cocktail bar, roof area wrapped with images of London and its famous landmarks. The kitchen and the oven created some tough challenges. Mainly the oven being too tall. With some cleaver modifications and a one off build process Amobox were able to fit the wood and gas oven. The rear feature wall using highly realistic insulated faux bricks with the ceiling wrapped with images of Neapolitan roots. The staircase wrapped with images of the whole build process. All creating an incredible and truly unique mobile street food bar and lounge. 

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